The Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Movie Performances – The Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Movies Of All Time

Above: The Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Movie Performances – The Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Movies Of All Time. For this “Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Movies” list, we are taking a look at those performances that show off actor Sylvester Stallone at his finest and/or most memorable movie performances.

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone (born on July 6, 1946) is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. He is well known for his Hollywood action roles, particularly boxer Rocky Balboa, the title character of the Rocky movies of which there are seven films (1976-2015). Sylvester Stallone is also best known for portraying soldier John Rambo in the four Rambo films, which ran from 1982 to 2008. Sylvester Stallone is also known for portraying Barney Ross in the three The Expendables films (2010-2014). Sylvester Stallone wrote or co-wrote most of the 14 films in all three franchises, and directed many of the films.

In 1977 Sylvester Stallone was nominated for two Academy Awards for the movie Rocky (Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor). Sylvester Stallone received critical acclaim, as well as his first Golden Globe Award and third Academy Award nomination, for reprising his role of Rocky Balboa in Ryan Coogler’s 2015 film Creed.


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